Make payment easier

What is the JMCC

Buddha currency monetary JMCC encryption system is a peer-to-peer distributed network currency, it can in an instant, with an almost zero cost approach to the world any corner of the payment.

JMCC is an open source, a global network, it doesn't have any of the central control node.Rigorous cryptography protocol to make the network system will ensure every user's financial security.JMCC relatively most encryption monetary system with faster transaction confirmation deadline, higher capacity and efficiency of online transactions.JMCC now has a complete industrial chain, adequate liquidity, enough to prove that it is mature, safe and stable commercial financial system.

JMCC Technical Parameters
  • Chinese name:JMCC
  • English name:JM Crypto Coin
  • Abbreviations:JMCC
  • Monetary aggregates:60 million
  • the circulation:8 million
  • Block size:8M


The lightning network pay more convenient


Anonymity to ensure that information is confidential


Modified block chain technology make payment more secure


Quanlun Liu

Software engineers have several individual patents.Proficient in Java, and other development language, for COINS, such as Ethernet fang block chain development have in-depth study.


Lasted a few months of closed development, including 8 m of JMCC's underlying technology to achieve the blocks, lightning, signature algorithm, mining algorithm, quantum computer attack resistance, optional of six aspects, such as the anonymity of breakthrough innovation, the current basic research has been completed, and the key into the closed network test phase.

Assessed by the expert team, in order to ensure the safe operation after launch, JMCC will systematically to conduct a comprehensive testing, all test is expected to end at the end of Q1 2018.

JMCC all the source code will be published in website making the world's largest open source program, welcome to the world of digital currency lovers JMCC community participation, to JMCC.

01、Set up the technical team
02、Create test network infrastructure
03、Test signature algorithm
04、Test the visual user interface
05、Security testing
06、Public beta testing network
07、Wallet is launched
08、Block chain browser online